How Sport Sponsorship can Develop more Valuable Digital Rights

In 2015, the UK became the first country in the world where digital took over 50% of total ad spend (emarketer), greater than the combined efforts of TV, print, outdoor and radio. However, this is not the case in sport sponsorship where digital benefits are often a footnote to a rights schedule. Advertisers are accustomed[…]

Happy Runner

Mass Participation Sports Should use the Nectar Card Model to Increase Event Entries

A whopping 95% of consumers in the UK own at least one loyalty card. With so much focus on doing 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week I believe people should be rewarded for taking part in running, cycling and swimming events using the successful Nectar card model. This would have two effects: Increased participation:[…]


Millennials can be Persuaded to Watch More Sport

Gamers aren’t usually linked with the sporting community but nearly as many people go to eSports events (over 12 million) as attend Premier League football matches (just under 14 million). I think there is an opportunity for sport to integrate live gaming competitions that will embrace the Millennial Generation.  The fast growing eSports industry When[…]

Club Together

Club Together

How sports clubs can increase season ticket sales to 80% of sports fans by working together. Like many sports fans, I get my news from the BBC or Sky Sports app. This allows me to check the weekend football scores, flick to see who won the Grand Prix and discover stories about sports I don’t[…]


Money? Balls!

Sports Teams are achieving low income in comparison to their media reach, I look at how that is changing and how teams are going about it. We often hear about the increased commercialisation of sport – the price of football tickets, media rights fees driven up by pay TV channels and eye watering player salaries.[…]